High-Yield Learning Activities

High-Yield Learning Activities are designed to provide youth with fun experiences that are hands-on, interactive, and intentionally develop critical thinking or other skills. Sometimes described as "fun with a purpose," they help members gain new knowledge & skills or reinforce those learned in school. They also help youth experience new ways to apply knowledge already gained, engage in creative expression, test their own solutions to real-world issues, and work in groups to achieve a goal.
Nicole, Markie, and Vincent working hard on a puzzle.
Activities are labeled "high-yield" because they extend learning by providing opportunities to practice skills such as: Communication skills (reading, writing, verbal communication), problem-solving skills (math, science, technology), healthy living skills (integrating diet and exercise into one's life, avoidance of risky behaviors), and character and citizenship (the rights & responsibilities of citizenship, civics, volunteerism).
Balloon Volleyball in the Ball Area. Elijah is getting ready to serve.